Why Window Energy Ratings Are Important To Customers

26th April 2023

If you’re in the double glazing window installation business, chances are you’ve heard of window energy ratings. But what exactly do they mean? And why should your customers care about them? Read on to learn more about how window energy ratings work and how they can benefit your customers.

What are Window Energy Ratings?

Window energy ratings measure the thermal efficiency of a window and indicate how much heat is lost through the glass. This is especially important when it comes to double glazing, as it helps customers understand just how effective windows are at keeping heat inside their home. The higher the rating, the better performance your windows will have in terms of energy efficiency.

The Ratings System

The UK has its own system for measuring energy efficiency, known as the Window Energy Rating (WER) system. This system assigns each window a rating from A++ (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient). All double glazed windows need to comply with certain regulations and standards in order to be eligible for a WER rating. It’s important that you understand these standards so that you can inform your customers about them when installing new windows.

Benefits for Customers

By understanding what WER ratings mean and how they apply to their double glazed windows, customers can make more informed decisions about which windows are right for their home. Not only will this help them save money on their utility bills in the long run, but they will also be able to enjoy greater comfort levels indoors thanks to the improved insulation provided by their new windows. In addition, WER ratings provide an easy way for customers to compare different types of windows and determine which ones are best suited for their needs.

Understanding window energy ratings is essential for both installers and customers alike when it comes to selecting energy-efficient double glazing products for a home or office building. By being familiar with the UK’s WER system and understanding its benefits, installers can not only provide better advice to their clients, but they can also ensure that they meet all necessary regulations while installing new windows. Investing in high-performance double glazing will not only help keep homes warm during the colder months but also reduce overall costs associated with heating and cooling systems throughout the year, making everyone happy!