How To Market Windows And Doors During A Cost Of Living Crisis

19th June 2023

In times of economic uncertainty and a cost of living crisis, marketing windows and doors requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. While it may seem challenging to promote luxury items during such times, there are effective strategies that can help window and door companies navigate these circumstances and reach their target customers.

In this blog post, we will explore example marketing strategies for both customers with disposable income and the average customer, focusing on the long-term savings and benefits that double glazing can provide. Additionally, we will provide practical advice for companies looking to thrive in a cost of living crisis.

Targeting Customers with Disposable Income

During a cost of living crisis, it’s crucial to identify and target customers who have disposable income (e.g. homeowners in affluent areas). These individuals may be less affected by financial constraints and are more likely to invest in home improvements.

Emphasise luxury and comfort

Highlight the premium quality and aesthetics of your windows and doors. Showcase how they can enhance the overall ambiance and lifestyle of a home, appealing to customers seeking luxury and comfort.

Showcase advanced features

Highlight innovative technologies and features that offer convenience and added value. Examples include smart home integration, enhanced security systems, and noise reduction capabilities.

Emphasise Long-Term Savings and Benefits

While targeting customers with disposable income is essential, it’s equally important to market to the average customer who may be more cost-conscious during a cost of living crisis. Focus on the energy-saving properties of double glazing, emphasising the potential reduction in heating and cooling costs. Use statistics and case studies to demonstrate the long-term savings customers can expect by investing in energy-efficient windows and doors.

Increased home value

Highlight how installing high-quality windows and doors can increase the value of a home. Potential homeowners or those looking to sell can benefit from this long-term investment.

Offer finance options

Offer flexible financing options that can ease the financial burden for customers. Provide clear information on low-interest rates, payment plans, or assistance programs that make the investment more manageable.

By implementing these strategies, window and door companies can thrive even during a cost of living crisis and provide valuable solutions to customers seeking long-term savings and improved home comfort.